BIRD/transformation is the title of the fourth collaboration between Bulgarian-born photographer Stefan Milev and German artist Phil Hoffmann. Portraying the traditional clash of values between European east and west, their projects naturally shift from fashion into visual poetry that explores subjects well beyond contemporary trends: SMPH pieces are optical essays that tell sensual stories about aesthetics through frames of identity, geography and cultural modernity.  

Inspired by Ana Mendieta’s eponymous 1970’s work, Bird is a modern exploration of the subtle relation between the culture, place, body and identity. Much like the Cuban-born Mendieta interpreted her own (cultural, sexual, psychological) self-search in the 70’s United States, the authors look for a delicate balance in a modern society that tends to unify cultural specifics in order to create one depersonalized, global community.
A mystical symbol of transformation, feathers connect what was with what is to come – a model shakes off her plume to rise tall and straight from the initial insecure fragility,
a person finds his place, the metamorphosis is complete.

The reversibility between the east and west, known and unknown, definite and infinite, ordinary and magic. A reversibility that shows that no human body is denied the power of transformation.